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Approaching Mental Health with Compassion and Practicality

Cohesive Health and Wellness is a group of psychiatrists, psychiatric physician assistants, and therapists who offer an open, compassionate, understanding, and practical approach to mental health. 

We welcome children, adolescents, adults, and couples to our practice and provide the personalized support needed to move forward with a sense of balance and wellness. We advocate for ending the stigma surrounding mental health by providing a safe space, whether it be in our inviting offices or virtually in the comfort of your own space. We encourage our patients to take an unabashed approach towards their treatment and consider mental health as a vital component in their overall wellness.

Drawing on the extensive experience of our clinicians, we offer a full spectrum of individualized services.  We utilize a variety of behavioral therapy techniques such as CBT and REBT, providing patients the tools to manage life’s stressors and be their most confident selves. 

We celebrate the wins with our patients, laugh with our patients, and ultimately strive to give our patients the skills to be successful on their own. We pride ourselves on our ability to gain a solid, trusting, and effective relationship with all of our patients. 

We always welcome involved families to be a part of a patient’s treatment, especially when it comes to working with children. We also collaborate with therapists, schools, and other medical specialists to ensure our patients are receiving the most comprehensive treatment.

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