Ashley is a warm, skilled psychopharmacologist and psychotherapist, utilizing best tailored regimens to control symptoms of a variety of mental health conditions. She has dedicated her private practice work to increasing holistic wellbeing in her patients while providing what she deems appropriate for each patient in a mutually agreed upon treatment plan. Many patients see Ashley for her unique practice in how she delivers her care; striving to change the many barriers that exist surrounding the topic of mental health. She will take time to identify and address the core issues a patient presents with who is struggling with coping.
In her practice, Ashley provides psychotherapy and medication management with special attention to individuals, couples, and family needs. These include attention to each patient's history, stressful/traumatic and lived experiences, particular concerns, while she employs integrative modern neuroscience with a holistic approach.
Ashley is a compassionate, patient clinician coining herself "stigma resistant". After meeting Ashley, many of her patients report finally being heard and listened and leave with an arsenal of tools to utilize and incorporate into daily life. Ashley believes there is no health without mental health and that accessible mental health care is a human right.


"Dr. Strongwater exceeded by expectations and more! I have been seeking a mental health professional that finally listens and understands me and my concerns for many years. Dr. Strongwater was the first I truly felt heard by, and I have nothing but the deepest gratitude in my heart for how I feel from just having have met her only a week ago. I would recommend this facility to anyone in search of a compassionate and kind psychiatrist that is beyond knowledgeable in the field psychiatry, therapy and mental health. And she has a great sense of humor!"

"WHAT AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE! For the first time, MY doctor didn't just asked me questions and write me a script. Dr.Strongwater took the time to evaluate my regimen and EXPLAINED what was actually happening in my body and brain, that my "issues" were not "all in my head". She even drew pictures to make sure I understood what she was saying (lol).

Leaving Dr.Strongwater's office, I also left the stigma attached to my mental health and wellness."

"I've been seeing Ashley exclusively for 1.5 years now. . . I've never met a doctor who truly cares about their patients the way Ashley does - she is the most attentive and responsive doctor I have ever met, and she goes above and beyond to be there for her patients virtually 24/7.   In addition to having incredible bedside manner, Ashley is brilliant. It's obvious that she loves what she does because she is a never ending source of knowledge. She knows virtually everything about virtually every medication, supplement, vitamin, and/or alternative treatment out the and will take the time to explain the science of everything (in plain english) so you understand what is happening in your mind/body. What I love most is that Ashley will always suggest natural/holistic/non-rx remedies (and so many of them have helped me immensely), but she is not one of those doctors who refuses or is afraid to prescribe medication when it is appropriate. That balance is very important to me as a patient, and Ashley does it better than anyone."